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The app has been released-Kickboxing Girls

The app has been released-Kickboxing Girls.

The first kickboxing game in the martial arts game series😸


It is an image of the icon.

The girl in the blue corner on the left is the player's main character, Athlete.😸
The girl in the red corner on the right is the new character Semi-Long.😸 


This is the title screen😸

Computer is in charge of Semi-Long.
Dodge well and attack. 


The game has started. It is a 60-second match in one round.



Move with the direction button and attack with the punch (P button) and the kick (K button).

The attack speed of punch is fast , but its attack range is narrow.

On the contrary, the attack speed of kick is slow, but its attack range is wide.😸


Semi-long's kick is excellent in destructive power😸

Use the D button to dodge the enemy. Please dodge at the right time😸



I got a punch 😸



Knockout (KO) loses 😿 Semi-long is very strong 😿



I lost 29 seconds after the start of the game😿



If you can win, please try the shortest KO record.😸

It is free on Google Play. So, please play it😸

Enemy characters will be added, so please continue to support us.