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The app has been updated-let's study together! Mathematics

Free app for android Let's study together! The mathematics edition has been updated.


Math formulas, characters, cheering lines, etc. have been added.

It is an application to learn math formulas with girls.

The girl character will support you, but if you don't study it regularly, the girl will not be

It's free, so if you are using an Android smartphone, please try it.


In addition to the conventional uniform version, we have also added a cheer girl version of the character.


This is a math formula collection of math content that is mainly studied in high school.


The girl encourages you in English on the screen, but if time has passed since the last time you opened the screen, the girl will lose energy.

If you study regularly, she will support you very hard, so please study together.


Formulas have also been added.

Please let us know your opinions and requests.