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The app has been released-Training at home-Jumping Jack

The app has been released-Training at home-Jumping Jack.f:id:NNP:20200504124002p:plain

It is free on Google Play.

Choose an exercise time to start, imitate the trainer's movements and jump jack together.

It's free, so if you are using Android, please try it if you like.


Jumping Jack is an aerobic exercise that is also done by overseas celebrities (it looks like a diet advertisement 😸), it's easy and you can train your whole body.

There are many effects such as calorie consumption, core strengthening, cardiopulmonary function improvement, and flexibility improvement!


Train daily with a Spartan trainer (?) To avoid lack of exercise at home.

Even one minute, I think that people who are not exercising usually have a good effect 😸

It's free, so please install it 😸

We also welcome your opinions and requests.


Let's go on a diet together every day 😸😸