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3D fighting action game, "Space Girl"

The app has been updated. It is a 3D fighting action game, "Space Girl".

It is an action game where you control a Space Patrol girl and fight against space pirates. Make good use of punches and kicks to clear the stage.


Defeat the boss waiting at the end the stages to clear the stage.

In the latest version, the map screen is also displayed on the far right.

Use punches and high kicks to defeat your enemies.

P: High-speed punch

K: Wide range high kick

It is open to the public on Google Play 😸 It's free, so please try it 😸

The file size is also less than half of the previous version 😸



As the stage progresses, the enemy base will become wider, so the point is to proceed well with the map screen 😸



This is the stage 1 boss. The roundhouse kick is super powerful. Please dodge it well.

Punch is suitable for high-speed attacks and kicks are suitable for wide-range attacks. The point of capture is to use them properly.



Stage 2 boss, strong enemy 🙀

I will attack with a sword.



"Congratulations on clearing the stage! The next mission is waiting for you 😸😸

Please do your best 😸 "

For all Android smartphone users, it is available for free on Google Play. Thank you 😸