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Chemical formulas! Let's study together

Application to study Chemical formulas with girls. Girl questions formulas.


It is an application to study chemical formulas with a girl. The girl questions the chemical formulas. Answer with the Answer button. If you don't remember it regularly, the girl will lose energy.



Please study together. If you have any additional requests, please feel free to contact us.


New App Launch - Chemical formulas! Let's study together


Chemical formulas! Let's study together


Application to study Chemical formulas with girls. Girl questions formulas



It is free on GooglePlay. Please, download and try it.


It is an application to study chemical formulas with a girl. The girl questions the chemical formulas. Answer with the Answer button. If you don't remember it regularly, the girl will lose energy.
Please study together. If you have any additional requests, please feel free to contact us.


3D fighting action game, "Space Girl"

The app has been updated. It is a 3D fighting action game, "Space Girl".

It is an action game where you control a Space Patrol girl and fight against space pirates. Make good use of punches and kicks to clear the stage.


Defeat the boss waiting at the end the stages to clear the stage.

In the latest version, the map screen is also displayed on the far right.

Use punches and high kicks to defeat your enemies.

P: High-speed punch

K: Wide range high kick

It is open to the public on Google Play 😸 It's free, so please try it 😸

The file size is also less than half of the previous version 😸



As the stage progresses, the enemy base will become wider, so the point is to proceed well with the map screen 😸



This is the stage 1 boss. The roundhouse kick is super powerful. Please dodge it well.

Punch is suitable for high-speed attacks and kicks are suitable for wide-range attacks. The point of capture is to use them properly.



Stage 2 boss, strong enemy 🙀

I will attack with a sword.



"Congratulations on clearing the stage! The next mission is waiting for you 😸😸

Please do your best 😸 "

For all Android smartphone users, it is available for free on Google Play. Thank you 😸


3-2-1 Workout - App for exercise

We have released a new app-Training at home 3-2-1 workout.

The 3-2-1 rule is the latest workout method that is currently attracting attention overseas.

It seems that actresses are also practicing. 


Perform three workouts, "Aerobic Exercise (Cardio)", "Strength Training (Squat)", and "Core Training (Core)" at a ratio of 3: 2: 1.


In this app, aerobic exercise is jumping jacks, strength training is squats, and core training is plank so that you can easily exercise at home using your smartphone.



First of all, Jumping Jacks. Do aerobic exercise with your trainer for 3 minutes.


The bigger the move, the more effective it is 😸


Strength training is a squat of 2 minutes. It may be hard if you don't get used to it, but if you go every day, you can feel the effect 😸


And core training is plank.

The plank keeps the elbows on the floor and keeps the weight on the forearms and toes for one minute.

Since it is a self-weight training, it is a training that you can safely train not only the abdominal muscles and back muscles but also the inner muscles.

It may be tough at first, so in that case, please do your best for only 30 seconds 😸

If you continue to work out three types every day, you will surely be able to diet healthy.

It is released for free on Google Play, so if you are using an android smartphone, please use it.

Thank you 😸

App released-Training at home-Squat workout

We have released a new app-Training at home-Squat workout.

It is available for free on Google Play.f:id:NNP:20200619224237p:plain

Select an exercise time to start. Squat together as the trainer moves.

It's free, so if you are using Android, please try it if you like.


Squats are an easy workout and are effective for dieting.

It's important to continue every day!



From the basic squat to 1 or 3 minutes a day, please refer to the movements of the female trainer and do your best together.




Try it every day so you don't run out of exercise at home.

Even a one-minute squat is quite effective for those who are not exercising normally 😸

It's free, so please install it 😸

New app - 200m run

New app - 200m Run

It is a game for android smartphone 200m run.

The characters and backgrounds have been renewed to real characters.f:id:NNP:20200601234014p:plain

 She is a new athlete 😸

The yellow uniform is stylish and very cool 😸

By the way, She blinks.

It is free on Google play. If you have an android smartphone, we would be grateful if you could install it and play with it.

The time for repeated hits is doubled compared to the 100m dash, and endurance is tested more.


Start repeated hits with a signal!
The trick to starting a rocket is to start hitting repeatedly just before the last lamp lights up. But, of course, if the timing is too early, it will fly.


Once you start, all you have to do is hit repeatedly!

Maybe there is a good way to hit repeatedly, so please come up with a winning method 😸 


Did she get off to a good start?



You can change the camera with the stick, so enjoy the game at your favorite angle.


After all, 200m is long!



After all it is difficult to run 200m.



When a new world record comes out, you can leave it on the online server.😸

We look forward to your challenge.😸


It is open to Google Play. It's free, so please try it out.

アプリ更新しましたーいっしょに英熟語 500

アンドロイドスマホ用、無料学習アプリ、いっしょに英熟語 500、更新致しました。










アプリ公開しましたー英熟語 一緒に勉強シリーズ

アプリ公開しましたー英熟語 一緒に勉強シリーズです。










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