This is the blog of NoriNori Project, which produces smartphone apps.

The app has been updated-100 runs, Hurdle Runs

We have updated the free, android game app, 100 dash and hurdle dash on Google Play.


This is the title screen for the 100m hurdles. Girl illustrations have been added.



The icon has also been updated.

This is an introduction video of the 100 dash. Please break the world record with rocket dash and repeated hits. The point of rocket dash is to start hitting repeatedly just before the ramp changes

This is a video of the 100m hurdles. Illustrations and sound effects have been added. It's a very difficult game, but please try to set a new record 😸

This is the link for the 100m dash app. We are waiting for a surprising new record .

This is the link of the 100m hurdles app. It's free, so please download it. Thank you.


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Thank you.