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3-2-1 Workout - App for exercise

We have released a new app-Training at home 3-2-1 workout.

The 3-2-1 rule is the latest workout method that is currently attracting attention overseas.

It seems that actresses are also practicing. 


Perform three workouts, "Aerobic Exercise (Cardio)", "Strength Training (Squat)", and "Core Training (Core)" at a ratio of 3: 2: 1.


In this app, aerobic exercise is jumping jacks, strength training is squats, and core training is plank so that you can easily exercise at home using your smartphone.



First of all, Jumping Jacks. Do aerobic exercise with your trainer for 3 minutes.


The bigger the move, the more effective it is 😸


Strength training is a squat of 2 minutes. It may be hard if you don't get used to it, but if you go every day, you can feel the effect 😸


And core training is plank.

The plank keeps the elbows on the floor and keeps the weight on the forearms and toes for one minute.

Since it is a self-weight training, it is a training that you can safely train not only the abdominal muscles and back muscles but also the inner muscles.

It may be tough at first, so in that case, please do your best for only 30 seconds 😸

If you continue to work out three types every day, you will surely be able to diet healthy.

It is released for free on Google Play, so if you are using an android smartphone, please use it.

Thank you 😸